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All products are sold by the cubic yard.

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Stone Gallery

Pea Gravel

$75 per yard
Inexpensive and versatile

3/4" Maryland Gravel

$70 Per Yard
 Decorative stone harvested from Maryland

2" to 4" 
Eastern Shore

$68 Per Yard
Decorative stone, white and tan

Washed Stone

$46 Per Yard

Commonly used for drainage purposes, septic tank lines, driveways, and parking pads

Crusher Run

$38 Per Yard

Crushed limestone used as a base under landscape pavers

Paver Prep

$39 Per Yard

Blend of 1/2 in stone and dust

3/4 River Jack

$135 Per Yard

A decorative stone in 3/4 inch size

1-3 River Jack

$163 Per Yard

A decorative stone in 1 to 3 inch size

3-5 River Jack

A decorative stone in 3-5 inch size

3/4 Red Stone

$77 Per Yard

A decorative stone 3/4 inch size

Quarry Dust

$32 Per Yard
By-product from the crushing process during quarrying activities

R-4 Rip Rap

$44 Per Yard

A large stone used to combat erosion.


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